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Commonly called kratom, the tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia has been widely used in traditional medicines in the region since the 19 th Century. The clinical research conducted on the mitragyna speciose species of plants provides a wealth of anecdotal and practical information that point to promising benefits.

The leaves of the kratom tree demonstrate pronounced positive effects on pain relief, diabetes prevention, strengthening the immune system, and even sexual prowess and stamina. On the wellness side, kratom remains a traditional remedy for reducing stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and can provide support against drug addiction. Tried and true, it has provided health and wellness benefits in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea for upwards of 200 years.

In Europe and the United States, chronic pain patients and those afflicted by drug addiction are turning more heavily to this organic solution.

What You Should Know About Kratom Leaves


The medicinal uses of kratom leaves stem from its specific blend of chemical composition and nutrients. The unique alkaloid and organic properties have an almost morphine-like effect on the human body. This naturally-occurring result allows chronic pain sufferers the non-narcotic relief they deserve. It has been a frontline alternative supplement to risky opioids.

In some Southeast Asia areas, approximately 70 percent of the male population reportedly chew kratom leaves daily. As a consumer product, kratom can be purchased as a powder, extract, capsule and other forms. Some products can be stirred into tea or chewed like gum.

What You Should Know About Kratom Health Benefits


Like any traditional or alternative supplement, kratom users are tasked with weighing the positive benefits against their unique goals. Given that kratom has been an effective organic medicinal and health supplement for hundreds of years, there appears to be strong support for its usage. Consider the following benefits of working with kratom:

  • Powerful Pain Reliever: The analgesic properties found in kratom leaves reportedly provide swift relief for pain and discomfort. This effect has been attributed to the levels of serotonin and dopamine released by people who chew the leaves. This organic benefit has made it a popular alternative to pharmaceuticals.
  • Improved Immune System: Extracts from the kratom leaf are regarded as powerful antioxidants. Health-conscious consumers generally seek out antioxidant produce and products in an effort to develop and maintain a robust immune system. Kratom provides free radicals and significant levels of antimicrobial activity that underscore immunity health.
  • Increases Energy: Unlike high caffeine products, kratom improves energy by naturally ramping up the metabolism and positively affecting hormone levels. Augmented blood oxygenation rates and better circulation provide the level of energy boost often sought after by athletes.
  • Improved Sexual Stamina: Considered an aphrodisiac by many traditional users, the claim has roots in the naturally increased blood flow to the sex organs. This positive impact on sexual prowess has also reportedly been accompanied by a reinvigorated libido and endurance.
  • Lowers Anxiety: Everyday people who suffer stress, anxiety, depression and other chronic wellness conditions have reportedly seen substantial benefits from kratom use. This has been attributed to the product’s help in regulating the body’s naturally-occurring hormone levels. Chronic fatigue patients have reportedly enjoyed improved health by using kratom.
  • Drug Addiction Support: For hundreds of years, afflicted people used kratom as a transitional supplement. The feeling of wellness provided by kratom has reportedly helped many addicts “get clean.” It also reportedly has been used to lower the intensity of withdrawal symptom in recovering addicts.
  • Diabetes Benefits: Kratom’s rare blend of alkaloids has reportedly provided insulin and glucose regulation in the bloodstream. It has a positive impact on blood sugars and may prevent many of the hazardous highs and lows that put diabetes patients at risk.

The benefits of kratom use appear to be lengthy and highly sought after. Consider these and always speak with a healthcare professional.

Always Consult With A Healthcare Professional


Although kratom has been a widely effective supplement providing a wealth of benefits, people with underlying conditions are advised to speak with a healthcare professional. The growing kratom popularity has been prompted by the improved personal health and wellness people experience.   

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