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Due to regulatory issues we are not able to sell these products online. Please call for more details

Due to regulatory issues we are not able to sell these products online. Please call for more details

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Is it Legal?

It surprises most people when they learn that, despite not technically being sourced from marijuana, Delta-8-THC is indeed psychoactive & it is 100% legal under the laws passed in the 2018 farm bill, making hemp(cannabis with less than .3% THC) an agricultural commodity. This bill effectively resulted in what can best be described as a CBD boom that paved the way for the current Delta-8-THC gold rush.

What is Delta-8-THC?

Not to be confused with the popular psychoactive Delta-9-THC derived from marijuana, Delta-8 is one of many naturally occurring compounds found in legal hemp, but in trace amounts with only a few atomic bonds separating it from it’s Delta-9 counterpart. Don’t be fooled however, Delta-8 when distilled or concentrated still packs a punch & produces a pronounced high almost on par with Delta-9, binding to the very same CB1 receptor responsible for triggering the psychotropic reaction many desire. Delta-8 compared to Delta-9 is an ideal legal THC alternative for anyone seeking a more grounded high while maintaining high-functioning clarity. Especially if you’re looking to lift off, but not quite leave Earth’s orbit… not to say we don’t offer Delta-8 products that accomplish the latter, cause we certainly have you covered there as well!

How is it Made?

Delta-8 is extracted via a distillation process using cultivated hemp derived CBD flower & trim, where the Delta-8 is isolated through a careful fluctuation of temperatures, pressure, & scientific tools to convert Delta-9-THC over to Delta-8-THC. This purification process isolates select cannabinoids by eliminating residual impurities, solvents, & any unnecessary biomass or compounds. This elaborate process is essential due to the naturally low amounts of Delta-8, but the end result of extracting, isolating, & converting dried cannabis flower is incredibly cheap compared to Marijuana. Not quite magic, but chemistry, which is still pretty cool.

Benefits & Risks of Delta-8-THC

First & foremost, Delta-8 is more than just a “nice high”, but rather it also provides numerous health benefits ranging from reduction in chronic pain & inflammation, to an increase in appetite, to stress & anxiety relief, to drastic improvement in quality of sleep – resulting in better mood & memory for overall wellness. As far as risks go, I’d advise abstaining from Delta-8 if you intend to pass a UA drug test or if you suffer from mental illness such as paranoid schizophrenia. With that said, when used safely in moderation, Delta-8-THC can be an incredible new remedy for people from all walks of life!

Nutrition City’s Delta-8-THC Selection & How to Choose the Right Product for You

With a wide variety of premium quality Delta-8 products, we offer different options for everybody. So for those seeking a more calming chill effect with a balanced high, I’d recommend trying our Delta-8
Flower(fast-acting with shorter half-life) or our 50/50 tinctures(slower acting with a longer half-life). As for the brave souls looking for a more interstellar high, it might be wise to go with either the Delta-8 Vape(fast-acting intense high with shorter half-life), 25mg Gummies, or a 2500mg – 5000mg Pure Delta Tincture for a slower-acting intense high with a longer half-life).

If you have any specific questions about Delta-8-THC or these particular products, leave a comment or email us & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Eric Grom, Nutrition City MPLS Store Manager