We feature quality cbd oil supplement and smokable cbd flowers from a few large companies including Bluebird CBD and CW CBD. Our market for CBD smokable flowers is growing very fast sourced from https://cbdhemp.direct/ as well as other growers. Looking for high quality, discount CBD supplements? Scroll down to choose the brand and amount you want, and order online now.

  • We have the best CBD prices in town for quality, high potency oil and smoking flowers.
  • All the CBD we sell for by state certified labs to ensure potency.
  • We sell CBD products mostly from California, because that is where the newest, strongest and best CBD is sourced from.

We even send out each batch ourselves again to an independent lab for two reasons; first to ensure quality and second to ensure that myself and the store are selling legal products as we don't want any issues for the stores or for the customers. We display the batch assay tests at the store for customers to see as well as have batch assay paperwork in each individual package of CBD flowers we sell.

CBD flowers from CA are the most complete, full spectrum CBD we have seen on the market for the price. Sourced from Pure Science Labs, it contains all the Cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, and CBC. It also has a full spectrum of hemp terpenes included which are the natural plant compounds that allow the product to absorb correctly.