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Our prices are too low to sell online. Come in-store or call for details.

We Deal With Health Concerns Everyday And Do So With Integrity And Professionalism

Professional Consultation: We have on staff employees with 15+ years of experience in many areas of health and wellness. We will ensure you get set up with the best person we have on staff for you specific health needs. If we can not provide for your needs we will be up front and honest and direct you to other professionals who may be able to help you better.

We will E-mail you back in 24hrs to set up an appointment time:

Consultations are done by either independent contractors or wellness staff members employeed by Nutrition City. All services provided are wellness services and not medical services intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.

$15 for 15 Minutes

$25 for 30 Minutes

$40 for 60 Minutes

($10 non refundable depost required for all appointments, $10 deposit will be collected via phone when final appoinment is confirmed)

(Deposit is deducted from consultation bill on day of consult)

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